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Quirk Precision Engineering operates a wide range of CNC machining and CNC turning operations. CNC Machining is short for computer numerically controlled machining. It is a computer tied to a machine tool that holds varying amounts and styles of metal cutting tools usually on a tool carousel indexing mechanism. It is an efficient and very precise way of manufacturing quantities of quality metal widgets.

Benefits of CNC Machining inlcude

  • Cost savings:  CNC machining allows the operater to take full advantage of raw materials. With the accuracy delivered through CNC machining, waste is decreased–which minimizes loss and increases profit over costs.
  • Speed:  CNC machines can quickly produce parts that would normally take multiple steps to manufacture otherwise.
  • Safety:  Because the entire fabrication process is automated, the operator is kept out of harm’s way, allowing for a much safer work environment.
  • Improved Efficiency:  CNC machines are the most efficient means of creating a component due to the fact that most feature internal quality assurance detectors. The minute an error or deficiency is detected in a product, the operation is stopped to prevent further waste of material.
  • With the efficiency of CNC machining in addition to its speed of production and optimum raw material usage, it’s easy to see why CNC machining is the gold standard of metalworking and part fabrication.
  • Low cost of production. Once set up, the machines will repeat very accurately and require minimal machinist level intervention.
  • High part to part accuracy and consistency.
  • Fast, consistent thru-put of finished goods. Once started, it really doesn’t pay to stop.
  • With part fixturing, fast setup and rapid shipment from order date is possible.
  • Happy Customers who have received only the best of work cost effectively

Quirk Precision Engineering in Hawera Taranaki offer businesses and organisations throughout New Zealand and internationally high quality CNC machining and turning. For more information, get in contact with the team at Quirk Precision Engineering today